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  • Q: Why does the security analog camera no image?

    A: First of all, please check whether the security camera's electrode of power supply is correct, whether the output voltage is according to the requirement( power range: DC12V ± 10%, AC24V ± 5%). Then, please check whether the video line is in good connection; If use manual iris lens, you should check whether the iris is opened or not; If auto iris lens is used, please adjust the LEVEL to the right position.
  • Q: How Much Bandwidth is Required to Support IP Camera / megapixel HD camera?

    A: Calculating bandwidth used by IP cameras is complicated, but it can be estimated. Bandwidth used by an IP camera system is determined by the number of cameras, camera resolution, frame rate, compression used, amount of motion seen by each camera, and sometimes even the lighting.

    For example one frame of video uses about 30K Bytes when using MJPEG compression. If we require 10 frames per second, it takes up 10 frames/sec. X 30K Bytes = 300 K Bytes/sec. which equals 2400 K bits/sec. (using 8 bits per Byte). This can be reduced over 20 times when using the latest H.264 compression, so you use only 120 K bits/sec. To learn more about calculating bandwidth take a look at our article about " Calculating Bandwidth ".
  • Q: What is Power over Ethernet or PoE?

    A: The latest IP cameras get power over the network --- POE camera. This is referred to as Power over Ethernet (PoE). You can also add a PoE mid span or power injector between the switch and the camera. This means that you only need to run one network cable to each camera, making installation very easy. For more details about PoE take a look at our article about How Power over Ethernet Works.
  • Q: What is the difference between MPEG4 and MJPEG compression?

    A: In CCTV system cameras, compression mode is important for storage, MPEG4 provides better compression, but MJPEG provides higher resolution in some situations. MPEG4 improves the compression by transferring only the difference between frames. MJPEG supports very high resolution.
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