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  • Road Surveillance

    Public roads and towns villages monitoring system have two different transmission means according according to the different demands. 1, Long-distance transmission, if the control room is more than 100 meters away from the camera,a secondary exchange can be realized through the switch. But there should be no more than three switches because digital switching takes time, if too many exchange tim...
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  • Home Security Camera

    With the improvement of people's living standard and the network popularization, the safety protection is more and more into the heart,so people for the security concept is increasing. Nowadays, a lot of friends because of all sorts of busy affairs, resulting in very little time to take care of the family, often in a state of worry about family. While the social progress, but the criminal acti...
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  • Company Surveillance System

    HDCAM Company Surveillance System primarily to maintain the order in the company, to defend the company's safety, and improve management with tools, so usually in the company's perimeter wall, and out the door, the administrative office area, production workshops, warehouses, and other key parts of the installation of a digital computer room HD cameras. Monitoring system to achieve real-ti...
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  • Hospital surveillance

    Build surveillance system in hospital with HD IP cameras and megapixel IP camera, the purpose is for build a safe environment, to secure the hospital people and equipments. In general, IP camera will be installed on som places like wall, gate, office, public area, aisles, computer room, device stock room, document room, warehouse, and some places where have important devices or save documents, or...
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